Fitness Studio Hours 

Mon,Tues,Wed,Thur                      7:30AM-1:00PM  and 3:00PM -8:00PM       (Closed between 1-3pm)                                                                   

Friday                                            7:30AM-1:00PM                                            (Clifton Yoga Class comes back for their 7:15pm class)
Saturday                                        9:30AM-1:00PM      
Sunday                                           9:30AM-1:00PM

 2019 Holidays
We will be closed on Sundays from July 7th thru Sept 29th.
We will re-open Sundays on Oct 6th thru June 28th

Upcoming Holidays
Closed April 20th & 21st - Easter Holiday
Closed May 12th -Mother's Day
Closed May 26th,27th - Memorial Day weekend
Closed June 16th -Father's Day
Closed July 4th,5th - Independance Day 
Closed Aug 31st-Sept. 2nd - Labor Day weekend